Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Math Inquiry Centres

Here is a summary of the math inquiry centres we observed in Nicola's Full Day Kindergarten classroom.

Her students were towards the end of their measurement unit so the centres were a combination of review and independent practice.

How many cubes does each object weigh?

How much rice does each container hold?

How many cups of sand does each container hold?

Which stuffed animal is the heaviest?

Flower Centre
This centre was connected to the current theme unit.  Students made flowers for their garden.

After some time at one centre, Nicola asked the class to meet her on the carpet.  Once there, she asked students to share what they found out at their centre.  

This sharing allowed students to experience the centres as learning experience, rather than something they did.  This sharing allowed students to attach meaning to each of these questions.

Thank you for allowing us to see math inquiry in action, Nicola!

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