Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Math Entry Activity: Mass

This is the entry activity Nicola did with her classroom.

Students had prior experiences with capacity.

As students came into the classroom, they looked at the yellow container  and predicted how many bowls of water would fit into the cylindrical container (see third photo below).

Notice the supports Nicola left on the table to allow students to record their estimate.

After students completed their estimation and got settled into the classroom, Nicola asked the class to sit in a circle.

She asked student to orally share their estimate with the whole class.

As Nicola poured cups of water into the container, she stopped and asked the class if they still thought their estimate was correct.  Some students changed their mind.

This entry activity reinforced the concepts of estimating and measuring capacity with the class.  It was also a great example of how powerful a mini-lesson can be!

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