Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Book Writing Project

For this writing project, Cynthia started with the book 'Smoky Night' by Eve Bunting.

In the book, different textures are used.

The book begins with a crisis.  Students had to write a similar story but based on something true that happened.  They had to interview family members to find out information to form the basis of their story.  

Here are some pictures of the final product:

There were a lot of mini-lessons that needed to happen to get students ready to publish.  Cynthia said this project took about a month to complete.

The great thing about a project like this is that it's a completely integrated unit so you can afford to spend the time on it.

The best part of having students make books is that they can go into your classroom library.

The books were created in the first term but they're still a hit in the classroom today!

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