Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Display Student Work

We were fortunate enough to observe how to display student work during our visit to Jennifer's Full Day Kindergarten classroom at Bendale JPS.  This was particularly interesting to me because the display of student work has been a topic of discussion in our FOS as a result of  District Reviews.  

One of the recommendations coming out of the District Reviews is that putting up student work is not enough. The  learning goal of the activity should be visible as well.  This will allow the readers of the student work (e.g., other students, teachers, parents, volunteers etc.) to engage in the task by knowing what the intent of the task was (learning goal) and to think critically about the extent students met this goal.  Very often, when we walk down hallways, we glance at the work being displayed and think: "how pretty!" and move on.  Rarely do we stop and think about the work itself.  

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