Thursday, April 21, 2011

Science Investigation: Plants

This is the science unit Audra's class is currently working on.

Posting the curriculum expectations is one way Audra (and her FDK team) communicate with students, parents, and visitors about the learning goal of a particular unit.

Inquiry in Science
Asking questions is at the heart of science.  Getting students to ask questions and make predictions is one way to start a new unit. 

NOTE: Students wrote their own prediction on the anchor chart! 

Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards are often pretty and visually interesting but few causes thinking.  The current trend in our schools these days is to create bulletin boards that let the reader know the purpose of the work being displayed.  This is what Audra did with the students' plant experiments.

Integration of Subject Areas
The Ministry of Education encourages us to integrate different subject areas when planning.  Audra showed us how this can be done in the full day kindergarten classroom with her science unit.
Math (Data Management)

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