Monday, April 4, 2011

Isometric Drawing Tool (Illuminations website)

This is the site I introduced to the group of teachers who attended the last MCS session at Edgewood.

Similar to the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives site, this site can be used as a resource for a variety of topics.

I highlighted the Isometric Drawing Tool during our session.  You can access this tool through the Activities tab.  Once you're on this page, you can do a search for Isometric Drawings:

Once you're at the Isometric Drawing Tool page,  the site provides a variety of supports such as:
- instructions (feel free to print this off and give it to your students to explore the tool)
- exploration activities

Here is an example of an exploration activity:

The site does have a unit using the tool but please refer to your curriculum document to ensure the activities align with your expectations.

Here's the link to the entire unit:

Students should be given time to explore how to use this and any other virtual manipulative before using them to solve problems.  You can encourage students to visit the site from home as well!

Here are the problems I shared with the group during our session:

If you try these problems with your class, let us know how it goes!

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