Saturday, February 12, 2011

Three Part Lesson: Sorting 2-D Shapes and 3-D Solids

This is the 3-part lesson we observed during our visit to Wendy and Donna's Grade 1/2 class.

Prior learning:
Students had learned about 2-D shapes and how to sort them by different properties.

This was the first time students were sorting a combination of 2-D shapes and 3-D solids.

Combined Grade Note:
Students from both grades completed the same lesson.

Part 1: Activating prior learning
Wendy showed the class some shapes and solids and students to describe them.  This brought out some vocabulary and properties such as faces, edges etc.

This reference chart was up for students to refer to.  The lesson was not about
students remembering the names of the solids.
Part 2: Working on It
Wendy introduced the problem to the whole class.  They read through it together and talked about key words.

Students were in mixed pairings (Grade 1s and 2s together).

Here are a few student solutions:

Part 3: Reflecting and Connecting (Consolidation)
Three pairs were asked to share their thinking during the Math Congress.

Part 3: Explicit teaching
Wendy clarified some misconceptions she noticed during the sharing.  Students were confused about the properties of the cylinder so Wendy clarified that.

Sorting activities are great for a 3-part lesson because they are open to interpretation.  There was an entry point for every child in the room.  Sorting activities also reveal a lot of misconceptions about shapes and solids.  Wendy and Donna knew what their teaching needed to focus on the next day!

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