Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Calendar Math - Part 2

I was able to visit Donna's part of the room during our visit today.  Here's what happens during calendar time in her 1/2 classroom:

Rather than having one student be the calendar person for the day, Donna has one student per activity.  These are the different activities:


How many days have we been at school?  
Great way to practice writing and counting tally marks!

After each of the special helpers complete their jobs, they give a mini-presentation to the whole class.

Each student on the carpet has a folder to record this information as well. 

One of the benefits of doing calendar this way is that everyone is engaged!  It's not just about the calendar person!

Here are the contents of the folder:

At the end of the month, students write about anything they want.  There are sentence starters that they may choose to use.

The great thing about this letter is that you can see the development of a student's writing over several months!  The kids and parents can reflect on their progress!

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