Sunday, January 23, 2011

Statistics Canada Website

This website has a wealth of authentic data across Canada that students can use during the Data Management unit.

It also has lesson plans and resources for teachers too!

Here's the path to get to the good stuff:

2. Click on 'Students and Teachers"
3. Click on 'Teachers"
4. Click on 'Mathematics' from the list of subjects.
5. Select 'Grades 6 to 8"
6.  Browse through the various lessons and resources.
7. Click on 'Data' to see the Summary of Canadian Results for 2009-2010".  Data for Canada and each province is provided.

There's also a Kidzone section as well as a section for Students.

I look forward to hearing your experiences using this site and all this great data to teach math.

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  1. thank you for a great session !
    I'd love more frequent support for this MCS project (either via email or in person) to offer websites, software, etc to support my math lessons