Monday, May 24, 2010

Reading Response Journals

Students complete a reading response journal at one of the literacy centres.

Students get an opportunity to write their response independently.  They also get a chance to share what they've written to their group and get feedback.  Laura also confers with the group and gives them feedback.
Students are placed into groups of 5.  Each group hands in their journals on a specific day. 

In September, Laura modelled how to write an appropriate response with the class.  Once at the independent stage, each student received a letter modelling the type of response Laura is looking for in their journals.

Each week, students write to Laura and she responds.

Throughout the year, Laura also collects evaluation information from students.  Students know ahead of time that a particular response will be evaluated. They know the criteria ahead of time too.

 Laura uses a checklist that gives students a picture of what they did well and which areas can be improved upon.

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