Monday, April 19, 2010

Three Part Lesson: Number Sense

This is the three-part lesson we observed in Iain's class.  Students have solved problems like this one before and have had many experiences using the DR. APE framework.

Part 1
To activate prior knowledge, Iain played a game with students.  He rolled two die and created a riddle using the numbers.  For example, if you add the two numbers together, you get 7.  If you subtract the two numbers, you get 3.  What numbers do I have?  (2, 5)

After Iain modelled this process, students paired up and come up with a riddle on their own.

Part 2
With prior knowledge activated, Iain moved on to the problem:

Prior to asking students to solve the problem, Iain went over the criteria for effective communication.  Here's the rubric he initially drafted but revised with the class:

Students used a variety of strategies to solve this problem:

Notice how comfortable students are with representing the problem?  That's DR.APE's super power!

Part 3
Iain gathered students on the carpet.  He asked pairs to partner up and share their solution.

Several  students shared their solution with the whole class.  

Iain noticed a student (Vanessa) using a particular strategy but didn't expand on it.  He decided to think through and model this strategy with the class.

Next Steps
Iain will assess students independently and move on to his next unit of study.

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