Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teaching Point of View: Friendly Letter to an Early Settler

Students in Kvitka's class has been learning about early settlers.  They're also learning about the different parts of the writing process.  This task integrates both curriculum areas.

Prior Learning:
Students have learned how to write a paragraph.

The Task:
The class visited Hillside Outdoor School earlier in the month and spent the day learning about early settlers.  They then dramatized a reading Kvitka found in a classroom resource.  Based on these events, Kvitka consolidated student learning with this web.

Kvitka has clearly outlined the success criteria for students in student-friendly language.  Students know exactly what's expected on them.

Once the task was introduced, students started with the pre-writing stage.  They organized their ideas using a web.

Once the web was completed, they wrote a draft.

Next Steps
Once students finish drafting their paragraphs, they will continue with the rest of the writing process (revising, editing, publishing).

Writing Process Guidelines for Students
Kvitka has specific guidelines students follow when going through the writing process:

drafting - done in pen, must skip lines to allow for revising
revising - pencil crayon
editing - different pencil crayon
publishing - pencil

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